Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to make the perfect Latte Macchiato

Have you ever wondered how one makes as wonderfully looking Latte Macchiatos as they do in a coffee shop? Well, I happen to know and would love to share the secret with you :-)
It's definitely not as hard as it looks, you just need to know the basics.

1. Make a cup of espresso.

2. Warm as much milk as you need for half a glass. (It's very important that the milk is not too warm otherwise you risk that the glass breaks.)

3. Pour some more milk into the pan and use a milk frother to froth the warm milk. (Make sure that there are not too many big bubbles, it should be as dense as possible.)

4. Take a spoon to fill the froth into the glass. Leave about a finger's breadth.

5. Gently pour in the espresso. (This way, the coffee should be between the milk and the froth. If you pour too quickly, it will already mix with the milk.)

6. Put one more spoon of froth on top to hide the entry point of the coffee.

7. Sprinkle some cocoa.

There you go. You just made a perfect Latte Macchiato.

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