Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 11 - Helsingborg & Gothenburg

Traveling again after only staying in Helsingborg for one night was fine, but having a bit more time at one place is definitely better.
This morning we walked around Helsingborg some more, did some shopping as usual and then had lunch at this amazing restaurant called Mezo.

Not only did they serve awesome food but it was also quite cheap and healthy. And we both left there feeling rather stuffed :)

In the afternoon we took the train to Gothenburg where we're staying for 2 nights. The first thing we did was a walk through the hostel's neighborhood and I must say it's not like I remember it from 3 years ago at all. I always thought I didn't like Gothenburg but it actually looks so nice.

Especially after we found this sweet little place called Le Petit Café.

We spent the evening in the comfy guest kitchen talking to some of the other travelers, which was really nice since we haven't really met many (normal) people so far :)

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