Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 21 - Copenhagen

Sorry people I've been lazy. No, actually there is not really much to tell anyway since I have the flu and therefore didn't really do too much.
Day 19 we spent in Uppsala, me mainly in bed... On day 20 we had a train ride pf almost 7 hours from Uppsala to Copenhagen and all I did after finally (yes, it was not that easy to find, especially not if you're sick and have to carry your heavy backpack through half of Copehagen) reaching the hostel was lie down and sleep. Oh no, we had dinner at a café called Café Obelix which was kinda cool. But that was about it...

Now, today we had time to walk around Copenhagen. Since we've both been here before we left out all the sightseeing though. Instead we just did some shopping (which we hadn't for a while) and then had lunch at the Irish Pub called The Irish Rover which has become kind of a tradition.

Funny enough, when I was in Copenhagen for the first time with my boyfriend (it was winter and freezig cold) we happend to end up there by chance. After we had found out they had some really good fish & chips there I recommend it to my friend. So now we were both kinda excited to go :) We didn't drink any beer though, which we did the first time...that was a funny afternnoon ;)
The pub's staff is really friendly too by the way. And if you go during the day you have the pub almost for yourself...
Now it's time to sleep and tomorrow we're flying back home :) 

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